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LifeLink Prodigy Order and Pricing Page. 

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LifeLinkIntroducing LifeLink Prodigy – the “Simply Smarter” no monthly fee medical alert system. Prodigy can call up to 8 phone numbers, has built-in two-way speakerphone capability, and has up to a 300-foot Pendant-to-Console range. See our "Features" page within the "System Info" menu option for a complete list of features.  Order yours today!flat rate shipping

LifeLink Prodigy LP2500 Medical Emergency Alert System

Includes one Console and one wireless Pendant with breakaway/safety lanyard.

19017401509....................Our Price $349.00

Introductory Price! $249.00


LifeLinkProdigy Pendants are about the size of a matchbook cover and weigh less than 1 ounce. Purchasing at least one spare pendant is highly advisable, because feedback has shown that Pendants are sometimes lost, misplaced for a while, etc. Having spare Pendants ensures no interruption in service. A spare can also be used for other family members. Up to 12 pendants can be used with a single Prodigy Console. A breakaway/safety lanyard and quality Sony battery is included with all Pendants.

If you wish to affordably purchase a 5-pack of Pendants, please scroll down on this page.

LifeLink Prodigy LP2500-NP Emergency Alert Wireless Pendant

Additional wireless Pendant for a spare. Cloth breakaway/safety lanyard is included.

19017401459....................Our Price $80.00

†Sale Price! $40.00

†Sale price only applicable if purchased with a system.



The Prodigy wrist Pendant has been introduced for those who prefer this option to having a Pendant on a lanyard around their neck (the necklace-style Pendant).  While we strongly recommend the necklace-style Pendant over the wrist Pendant (due to the fact that the necklace-style Pendant can be activated by either hand during a medical emergency), we do understand that some folks need this option.

LifeLink Prodigy LP2500-WP Emergency Alert Wrist Pendant

Includes lightweight cotton strap.  Strap is replaceable, if you wish, to any strap you'd like.

19017401460....................Our Price $100.00

†Sale Price! $50.00

†Sale price only applicable if purchased with a system.


Enjoy one additional year of warranty coverage over and above the standard one-year warranty. We will replace your unit if it fails within two years of purchase. The extended warranty covers failure of the system due to a manufacturing defect. It does not cover damage attributed to abuse, drop, or accidental damage.

lifelink warranty

Silver Extended Warranty

Extends base warranty from one year to two.

19017401601............................Our Price $69.00



Enjoy two additional years of warranty coverage over and above the standard one-year warranty. We will replace your unit if it fails within three years of purchase. The extended warranty covers failure of the system due to a manufacturing defect. It does not cover damage attributed to abuse, drop, or accidental damage.

lifelink warranty

Gold Extended Warranty

Extends base warranty from one year to three.

19017401602.........................Our Price $89.00



Some of our customers have told us that they would like to affordably purchase multiple Pendants and place them on the floor of each room. They've told us that, by doing this, in the event of an emergency in which they had unfortunately forgotten to wear their Pendant, they would still be able to crawl to the nearest Pendant and press the help button.

We've answered that request with our Econo-Pack of Spare Pendants.  Each Pendant comes with a breakaway safety lanyard and a quality Sony CR2032 battery.  Use only Sony batteries in your Prodigy pendants.

lifelink pendants

Econo-Pack 5-Pack of Spare Pendants - LP2500-NP

Five (5) additional wireless Pendants for spares including breakaway/safety lanyard and Sony battery.

19017401605............................Our Price $199.00

Sale Price! $149.00


Prodigy SB Siren and StrobeThis product simply connects into the AUX port on the back of your Prodigy. In the event of an emergency, pressing the blue button either on the Console or the Pendant sounds this external siren, which is about 10dB louder than a smoke alarm. While the siren is sounding, a lighted strobe will flash further indicating that the system has been triggered.

Super Boost Siren/Strobe

An extra loud external siren (over 130dB) with a flashing strobe.

19017401510...........................Our Price $60.00



Prodigy Spare AC AdapterThis specially-engineered spare/replacement AC adapter may be purchased for use in the event that something happens to your original AC adapter. The biggest enemy of your Prodigy system is a voltage spike through your AC power line. However, Prodigy is engineered to allow the AC adapter to absorb much of this energy, thereby helping to protect blowing of your system during such storms. So, though the less expensive AC adapter may be destroyed, the more expensive system is saved. Purchasing a spare AC adapter is a wise idea if you live in an area that often has electrical storms. Note that a commercial power surge protector is recommended for use with Prodigy in all cases.

Spare/Replacement AC Adapter

A spare AC adapter in the event that the original gets blown by an electrical surge.

10948240043............................Our Price $30.00



We all know that, in times of stress, we may panic. These magnets will help make responding to a LifeLink emergency call second nature.

The individuals who will be called by LifeLink Prodigy in an emergency may need to be reminded about what to do in the event of an actual emergency call. While it's a simple process, it's nice to be reminded about what do do when it's not an emergency. And they'll be reminded of this process plenty of times -- every time they go to the fridge.  These are sold in sets of four.

lifelink refrigerator magnets

Size is 4" (w) by 3" (h)

LifeLink Emergency Call Procedure Refrigerator Magnets

Set of four (4) LifeLink refrigerator magnets.

19017402991.................................Our Price $10.00



The Prodigy Pendant takes a single 3-volt lithium CR2032 battery. We recommend only using Sony batteries since they are of far superior quality.  The shelf-life on a new pack of CR2032 batteries will be at least five years. A typical battery, depending on usage level should last between 6 months and 1 year. These batteries retail for about $5 per battery. Our 5-pack will save you about 40% and you'll have them on hand when you need them. Plus, you won't have to make a special trip to a store to hunt them down, wonder if they're the right ones, etc.

Note: Because the Prodigy Pendant comes shipped with a fresh Sony battery, you do NOT need to open this package until the "Pendant Status" light on the Console begins flashing red.

5-Pack Replacement Pendant Batteries

Five (5) CR2032 replacement batteries.

19017401662......................Our Price $15.00


lifelink cell adapterCELL ADAPTER

If you do not have a landline, but still need to use the LifeLink Prodigy, we offer a Bluetooth cellular adapter that is compliant with your Prodigy system.  Used in conjunction with your Bluetooth-capable cell phone, these two devices, together, become the equivalent of your old-style "telephone wall jack".  This new-style "telephone wall jack" is what your Prodigy actually connects into.

IMPORTANT:  Please read the page "No Landline" and ensure you understand the restrictions prior to ordering this item.

Size of this item is approximately 4" x 2".

Cell Adapter

Bluetooth cell adapter to allow Prodigy to use your cell phone to make outbound emergency calls.

19017429938......................Our Price $99.00